Our business analytics focuses on effective use of data  and information to drive positive business actions.  We calculate customized financial ratios to help you quickly analyse how well your company is performing and give you an early warning of financial problems.  Ratio analysis is an effective tool to compare how well your company is performing to industry benchmarks.  Through our business analytics processes we discover the intelligence which allows  you to optimize your company growth and improve your weaknesses.          


Financial ratios include:

  • Liquidity - The amount of working capital you have available.
  • Solvency - How near you may be to bankruptcy.
  • Efficiency - How good your management is in utilizing assets.
  • Profitability- Is your business a good investment.

Our business analytics department creates customized spreadsheets to measure the performance  of any aspect of your business which will allow you to make intelligent decissions.  This creates a basis for creating a comprehensive plan for good business growth and optimization. 

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